Final exam for Lewis & Tolkien class at Mythgard

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So, I'm taking a break from working on Freedom Plot today to do my final exam for the class I'm taking (I suppose it's "have taken" now – or maybe "just took") at the Mythgard Institute. And no, this blog post is in no way a procrastination of said exam....

For those who aren't familiar with the Mythgard Institute, it's the Language & Literature arm of Signum University, a new (< 1 year old) online university created by Prof. Corey Olsen, aka, "The Tolkien Professor." Mythgard specifically focuses on Tolkien studies, fantasy literature, and related fields.

In just one short week I'll begin my next round with Mythgard/Signum. Over the summer I'm stepping up my course load to include two classes: Elementary Latin I and Modern Fantasy. I'm looking forward to both, although I have a feeling that together they will make for a very busy summer.

So, now I'm off to begin my exam. Wish me luck.



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