One Thing Gone Day 5: Kids toys, books and movies

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Boxes of kids toys, books and movies
Boxes of kids toys, books and movies

Okay, this is Day 5 of my month(ish)-long One Thing Gone project. Since 5 is a notable number — mostly because it's the most number of days that I've consistently posted about one topic — I thought I'd get rid of something bigger than usual.

Here I've got two goodly sized boxes of kids toys, books and movies. The day before Thanksgiving, I had my daughters go through their room and pick out anything they no longer watched, read or played with, in anticipation of receiving new toys and games for Christmas. I was impressed that they picked so much stuff to get rid of. (Tip: Have your kids watch Toy Story 3 right before doing this activity.) With the exception of a few daddy vetoes, what you see here is the result of that firestorm.

Most of the stuff I'm getting rid of as part of my One Thing Gone series is my own, not the kids'. I was tempted to separate these things out into categories to stretch out my series here, but I felt that would be something of a cop-out for me. In the end, I decided it would all go as one item — teaching the kids to declutter is important, too, but not as important as having them see me declutter things myself.



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