One Thing Gone Day 7: Uniden cordless phones

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Cordless Uniden phones
Cordless Uniden phones

Okay, I missed a day, but I'll be posting two items today. The first is a set of cordless Uniden phones.

I haven't used these in a few years. They were nice when I lived in a two-story house. However, I have another phone that I use for work (as I work from home), and since I use my cell phone for personal calls, there's really no need for me to have a cordless phone in my apartment, let alone two of them.

Not sure how I am going to get rid of them. I might toss them up on eBay just to see what I get for them, but chances are they won't fetch much.

Speaking of eBay, my Battlestar Galactica DVDs sold, but the Total Immersion Spanish disc did not. I've shipped off the DVDs, and the language CD is going into a bag with other items for the thrift store.



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