One Thing Gone Day 8: Various Kitchen Items

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For some reason I seem intent on getting rid of multiple things at once. At this rate, I may run out of things to get rid of before I reach Christmas. Okay, not likely, but I am starting to have some reservations about getting rid of certain things — which perhaps is a good thing. The whole point of this exercise is to get rid of things I don't need anymore, not merely to get rid of things I don't want anymore.

Therefore, today I am getting rid of a number of kitchen items that I have not used in quite awhile. Many of these items have sat in cupboards or drawers in my old house, then sat in boxes for a year or so, only to be unpacked into more cupboards and drawers, where they remained unused for another year.

Among the items I'm getting rid of are:

  • A set of plates and pasta bowls that have seen a lot of use and are quite chipped up
  • Excess plastic plates and cups, including kids cups that my daughters no longer use
  • A bunch of grilling utensils (I got rid of my grill two years ago)
  • Some old pans that I've replaced over the last year with cast-iron skillets
  • A couple water bottles and drink containers

Overall, a good haul. A few of these items I'll offer to family members if they want them, but otherwise I'll be sending them off to the thrift store.



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