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Shutdown showdown

Yellowstone Park Closed – Courtesy bmills @ flickr

Andrew Cohen over at Bleeding Heart Libertarians argued earlier this week that the partial U.S. government shutdown is immoral on libertarian grounds. Cohen's opening analogy is confusingly opaque, but if you can get past the first paragraph, he does bring up some interesting points. 

First, Cohen avers that even though the government does a lot of things libertarians dislike, the shutdown won't actually stop many of them. 


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A terrifying excuse

Earlier today, I was debating whether to write a post about 9/11 or whether to leave that to the many others who are already writing, talking and remembering about that day. Instead, I was going to write about something more mundane, a personal goal reached. 


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"If he's innocent, God will stop the drone"

Obama: Road to how easy I can kill you

Nearly everyone knows that eleven years ago today terrorists hijacked four airplanes. Two of the planes flew into the World Trade Center Towers, one crashed into the Pentagon and another crashed in a field in rural Pennsylvania. Those left dead numbered in the thousands, and many more were left with physical and emotional wounds, some of which still haven't fully healed.


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On Guns and Property

Gun Free Zone

In the aftermath of the horrendous shootings in Aurora, Colo., late last week, there has been the usual torrent about tightening and/or loosening regulations on guns. Within hours of the event, a woeful infographic made it to my Facebook news stream telling me how many people have been killed in the U.S. compared to a number of (much smaller) European countries.




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