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Requiem for a DMB

DMB fire dancer

In every man’s life there comes a time when he must ask himself a hard question. For me, that question occurred out of the blue, prompted by a headline on Facebook. It is this:

Do I still consider myself a fan of the Dave Matthews Band?

I responded to myself with an apoplectic, “Of course I do!” Then, I stopped and thought about it. I couldn’t remember the last time I had actually listened to one of the band's songs. I mean, really listened, or possibly even sang along with.


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Esoteric Holiday Song: Bonus track – Ben Folds Five "Brick"

Ben Folds Five – "Brick"

I've always had the feeling that if I took the time to listen to more of Ben Folds' songs, I would probably like them. As it is, this late-90s "pop alternative" hit is the only song of his I know.

If I'm being disingenuous here, I'm sure someone will tell me. I've never actually thought of this as a holiday song until a friend pointed out to me that the opening line is: "6 a.m., day after Christmas." That makes it good enough for this list.


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Esoteric Holiday Song #1 – Sirsy "Some Kind of Winter"

Sirsy – "Some Kind of Winter"

Anyone who knows me saw this coming twelve parsecs away. Sirsy is an amazing two-member band from Albany, NY, who is going to take the world by storm in 2013. You'll want to know them before their next CD hits, so you can get the cushy seats on the bandwagon before it fills up even more. Just sayin'.


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Esoteric Holiday Song #3 – Toad the Wet Sprocket "Doesn't Feel Like Christmas"

Toad the Wet Sprocket – "Doesn't Feel Like Christmas"

I still count TTWS among my favorite bands. In high school and college, I found their mix of thoughtful lyrics and catchy music stimulating. "Fall Down" is one of the first songs I learned to play on guitar, and I still play it today — here's me singing it at an open mic in Oneida, NY at the beginning of last year.


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Esoteric Holiday Song #4 – Pearl Jam "Let Me Sleep"

Pearl Jam – "Let Me Sleep"

In the midst of their angst-ridden rise to fame, Pearl Jam wrote a little ditty called "Let Me Sleep." It's short, simple and to-the-point: The magic of Christmas is gone, so leave me alone and just let it slide right over my sleeping body. I won't even quote any of it, since there's really not much else to it.

I include it here not because I particularly sympathize with Vedder's mawkish moodiness. Rather, I like this song because it's precisely the opposite of the way I feel. I don't see anything particularly magical about Christmas either, but I still enjoy it.


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Esoteric Holiday Song #5 – Johnny Cash, "We Are the Shepherds"

Johnny Cash – "The Christmas Spirit"

The last three songs I listed were thematically pretty dark, so I figured I'd lighten up the mood a bit. With a little of The Man in Black.

"We Are the Shepherds" is one of four original Christmas songs Cash wrote for his 1963 album The Christmas Spirit. As the title implies, it tells the biblical story of the shepherds who come to the manger of Jesus to worship. The shepherds come humbly, unable to bring expensive gifts like those of the wise men:


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Esoteric Holiday Song #6 – Coldplay "Christmas Lights"

Coldplay – "Christmas Lights"


Yes, Coldplay. I know what you're thinking: "He's gone off his m——f—ing gourd." [WARNING: explicit explicitness at the other end of that link]

I don't judge you for judging me, but I do stand by my choice. This is a good song. Not happy good (what did you expect?), but good nonetheless.

Musically, it's pretty much what you'd expect from Coldplay: Pounding piano over droning strings. If that turns you off, don't listen to it.




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