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O Captain! My Captain!


This won't be a long post. Because, what exactly does one write about someone you never knew, but who made you laugh, think and cry more than anyone else in your life?

Robin Williams died today at the age of 63 from apparent self-asphyxiation. Excepting people I've known, the news of his death has probably saddened me more than any other that I can remember.


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Embarking on the Mythgard Institute's inaugural masters course

The Mythgard Institute is a new organization that is trying to promote studies and research related to the works of J. R. R. Tolkien (and related fields). While simultaneously opening a new door for such an interesting and rich body of work, the institute is diving headfirst into the crevasse of online academia in an attempt to usher in what hopefully will be a new era of higher education.




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